Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Brittany's birthday

My sister (one and only) had her 32 b-day yesterday. It was a bummer because she was absolutely swamped all day. She also has been exercising like crazy and is on the craziest carb-counting, food-weighing diet I've ever heard of. I could never do that! I am so proud of her self-control and determination. She also just started a yeast cleanse and so I couldn't even make her a cake or buy her a candybar or anything. What a drag! Happy birthday anyway, Britt. We'll celebrate it in 2 weeks when you're all cleansed! :)
Yesterday my wonderful cousin, Katie volunteered to watch my girls. They had Such a great time! and I'm sure we overstayed our welcome because I didn't want to leave either. So Kate, I apologize for taking advantage of the invite and ruining your day.
She told me a funny conversation she had with Aisling. She kept mistakenly calling Brenna Rowan. Katie said, I'm sorry Brenna I keep calling you the wrong name. Aisling said, That's ok, my uncle always calls me monkey and I have to tell him I'm a HUMAN.
Katie asked which uncle. Aisling said you don't know him, he's my aunt Brittany's mother's son.
I thought that was too hilarious! Katie had to explain that Taylor is her cousin too. Very cute!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Life before Lachlan

Maternity Memories

I can hardly believe this was already one month
ago. It seems like yesterday. Here are the promised pregnancy pics, Jessica. :)
Lachlan is sweet enough that I enjoy him more on the outside. He is so easy going and very sweet. (knock on wood)

Stayin' Alive

'Hanging in there' may be more appropriate. I am amazed once again how little I can manage to accomplish with a newborn hanging around and three "oldborn"s to yell at. You'd think it would be simple enough to get my bathroom cleaned, but I have not tackled that yet. Just trying to maintain the care and feeding of my children and myself has taken priority.
We actually got a puppy. My sister bought him for me on my birthday from a family selling them at the wal-mart parking lot out in Ontario. We have misplaced our camera so I can't show you a picture of him, but trust me when I say he is darn cute. He is a bassett hound/lab mix and just adorable. He has the short stocky legs of a bassett and he is still so small he stays the same height when he sits down. The kids have been loving on him which is the main reason we got him, to keep them off Lachlan. He actually keeps Abram's dog, Chance, company and that has helped him from annoying me also. The kids would not go outside, and now I can hardly keep them in. Hooray!!
As soon as we find the camera, we'll put up pics of Lachlan and the puppy ( it's been over a week, but the poor guy still has no name. Aisling votes for Black Beauty, Brenna wants Biscuit and Abram and I are, as usual, undecided!)
We have been so blessed with many friends and much family. I have been awed and am so grateful by the outpouring of love and support we have received during this pregnancy, delivery and after. It continues still, and Lachlan is nearly 4 weeks old. The week after he was born, my sister-in-law, Valentina came every day for a week and helped with the kiddos and cleaned my house. It was just awesome, the royal treatment. We had so much fun with her too. Valentina, come back! We miss you! My bro, Chad and sis-in-law, Jill took the girls the first 3 days after Lachlan was born. they also have taken wonderful photos of our family and some fun maternity shots the night before I went into labor. I'll have to get some of those up here too.

The kids are screaming at eachother and driving me crazy so it is time to get back to my life.