Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Baby Quilt

I finished the top of the baby boy quilt. I am a little disappointed in how it turned out, because it looks so 70's. I did pick out the fabric in about 5 minutes flat, and I thought it would look quite modern and fresh. Once I got it cut out and sewn together it took on an almost retro feel. It is hard to photograph quilts, but I think you get the idea.
I'm kind of lacking the motivation to finish it because I'm not in love with it. But my goal is to complete it before the bambino arrives.
I'm measuring 35 cm this week. I'll have to ask Abram to shoot a photo so you can see how big I truly am with this guy. I can't blame it all on him. After all, who is the one shoveling in the chocolate cake? The midwife told me yesterday they would 'reserve' my choice of room starting a few weeks before my due date. Since they only have two rooms as of now, the gesture is appreciated. I am looking forward to the room in the back of the house with the fireplace and less road noise. Unfortunately they don't have an oven in the kitchen. I was planning on baking that cake or some handmade orange rolls. They just won't be quite as good if they aren't fresh out of the oven. knowing my pattern, I'll be in labor in the middle of the night again, so it won't matter. Who likes baking in a dark, cold kitchen quietly while everyone else is sleeping?
Speaking of sleeping, there was some kind of anti-sleep bug in my house last night. Aisling came down about 2:30 am to tell me a story. Then I couldn't get back to sleep for a few hours. I think I was just dosing off when Rowan started down the stairs crying. It was 4 am. She was kinda cute, carrying her stuffed kitty and her empty sippy cup and two books. I got her back to bed, but temporarily. She and Brenna were up for the next hour or so back & forth. Eventually I got Brenna back to bed and kept Rowan with me in bed so she would stop waking Brenna up. Rowan would not go back to sleep and she was really cramping me in bed, so at 5:30 with stomach grumbling, I got up and made her some chocolate ovaltine. She guzzled it down, then went and got back in bed with Daddy. Which was when Brenna came down crying saying she didn't feel good. I made a bed on the floor for Brenna and myself, and moved Rowan off Abram's head onto my side of the bed and ended up getting to sleep around 6 or 6:30 on the living room floor with Brenna. Only to be woken up by the dog at 7:20 when Abram let him out of the garage for the morning. I guess I should look forward to many nights like this with a newborn and a nearly two year old who climbs out of her crib and can open doors now.
This too shall pass.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Oatmeal Chocolate Cake

This scrumptious cake is one I have gotten hooked on the last few months since my dear friend, Kris, had us over for dinner and served it for dessert. I'm not even a chocolate lover, but something about this cake has gotten stuck to my tastebuds, the ones that wake you up at night saying, "feed me seymour!" (remember, this is a pregnant lady writing) So I decided to share my latest food obsession with you! Here is the recipe. Hope you all enjoy it ( except Jessica with amazing will- power who has given up chocolate for how long?! I guess long enough to overcome her addiction. )

1 cup quick oats 1 3/4 cup boiling water
poured over the oats. Allow to soak 10 mins.
Melt 1 cube butter in large saucepan. Remove from heat
Add 1 cup brown sugar & 1 cup white sugar. Stir til blended.
Add 2 eggs, beaten, and the oats.
Melt 2 bakers squares unsweetened chocolate. (can substitute 6 TBS cocoa + 2 TBS oil)
add to batter, stir well.
Add 1 3/4 cup flour
1 tsp baking soda 1/2 tsp salt
to batter and stir well.
Stir in 6 oz chocolate chips.
Pur into greased 9x13 pan.
Sprinkle 6 oz chocolate chips and
1 cup chopped pecans or walnuts (optional) over top of batter.
Bake at 350 for about 30 mins.

This Messy House

My blog (which Jessica convinced me to start) is appropriately titled because everything I write about will most definitely have messed up my house. The title was Abram's idea. When I asked him what I should title my blog, he came up with it in seconds flat! Not only does living with him enable me to have a messy house, but the addition of 3 kids 5 & under (and one wild boy soon to join the ranks)certainly helps. My affinity for projects which require much 'stuff' to complete, and that take time away from cleaning and other important but temporary accomplishments is probably the main culprit.
Today the house is a mess because we ate and ran last night and didn't get back until about 10:30 pm. Today we got up and prepared for church, left, then came home and ate. None of which has been cleaned up *yet*. However, we are well-fed, there is a delicious oatmeal chocolate cake cooling on the stove, and the children are resting peacefully, eyes glued to a movie (which is against the rules on the sabbath).
I would love to take gorgeous pictures of the kids and food and other projects I'd like to post for your amusement and amazement, but you'll have to put up with my mediocre skills and unartistic arrangements. I have to warn you, my idea for the title was The Great Imitator. Because I have no good ideas or skills of my own except to copy others. So I admit this blog is mostly an attempt to achieve satisfaction by copying the wonderful things I've seen others do. Good thing I'm easily satisfied!
Since I have a month remaining before this baby is 'due', there are quite a few projects I'd like to complete in that time. Valentine's day is approaching, and for my kids' sake and because I'll focus on anything to get through January, there are a few cute things I'd like to prepare for that. I'm going to try to figure out how to link to others' blogs (I will do that a lot because all I do is leach off others' creativity) in order to give credit where credit is due.
The image above is a valentine garland Aisling and I want to work on. ( i'll have to figure out how to get images where I want them in relation to my text) Which really means I'll make it and she'll try to give it away to her friends and grandma's. She is so generous!

For Christmas we made some of these soft trees ( I made them, but she 'helped' by tracing and trying to sew which I'd have to undo and redo) and then she wanted to give them all away. She managed to give away a few to my mom, which I want to steal back every time we go to her house and I see them on the mantle.

Sorry mom!