Thursday, April 17, 2008

Squiggy Eye & Shocky

Here we are running down our newly paved driveway! Hooray! Aisling & Lachlan look a lot alike to me. he's in what Abram calls "the Grub Stage" : fat & bald. But one sweeeeeet grub.

I'm too tired to think of what I wanted to say tonight. So here are some fun pictures instead.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Target's Revolving Door

Today the kiddos and I ventured out for some "quick" shopping. We went to the semi-new Nampa Marketplace. First to costco, just for soy milk. (yeah, $60+ later!) then to old Navy to look for a swim suit for Aisling ( although their sleek Silver Metallic bikini was tempting to mommy!) and then to Target, just for Fun! While we were looking at all the fun toys, Brenna announced she needed to use the bathroom. Next thing I know, a very wet and juicy sounding stinker has left her hind quarters. The look on her face was very strange and she said, "mommy, I just tooted and poop came out in my panties". The poor dear was quite upset and I felt really bad for her, but I just couldn't stop myself from laughing. A lot. if i didn't find it so humorous, I probably would've been annoyed or ticked off. So we went to the car, intending to go home, then I remembered she had to go potty, so we all went back in and tried to clean her up which was a fiasco. then we finally get done and get back out to the car and I remembered I left my purse in the bathroom. (Thankfully I remembered!!) So I hauled all the kids back in to get it. and then we finally left for good. It seemed like "the day we couldn't leave Target'. I bet people were watching us go in & out & in & out with a confused look on their faces. The worst part ( or the best?) is that Rowan was wearing her adorable "squeakers". Shoes that squeak with each step she takes. So we couldn't go about very unnoticed. Just so you know i'm not the absolute most annoying person ever, I usually keep her in the cart or a stroller so she's not squeaking all over the place, but I like the squeakers so I can keep track of her if she makes an escape, which she LOVES to do! Also, I think they are very adorable and they don't annoy me.

Poor Brenna!