Friday, May 1, 2009


I clothe my children almost exclusively in hand-me-downs. First choice is hand-me-downs and after that we resort to second-hand clothes. What do you think? Do my kids look grubby? I LOVE Hand-Me-Downs! I have been so grateful that I have a sister and a sister-in-law who pass their adorable and too-expensive-for-me clothes on for my kids to use.
just this month, I have been the beneficiary of hand-me-downs. Now, I've had a few hand-me-downs before, but they were usually of the variety of, I don't really like them, but it's better than nothing, for awhile until I finally pass them on or D.I. them. But this month I was given a bunch of name brand, stylish, super cute stuff, even shoes! Probably 2 large garbage bags of them. Seriously, if you read my blog, you've heard my lack of clothes woes. I got more clothes this month than I've gotten in at least the last 9 years that I've been married. No joke. Almost all of the clothes in that picture are brand new to me. That doesn't include the pants, skirts and shoes. I finally feel cute! It is so fun! I even got asked if I lost weight yesterday, (I've actually gained 5) cuz I look so good thanks to my closet-cleaning-out friends. THANKS a Million!!! I feel so lucky (and lookin' good) :)


Zhenya said...

I love hand-me-downs though I don't get them often. I got a whole bunch of clothes for me from a sister in law as well and think that I can make it through summer without buying a thing new.

Niki said...

Your kids always have the cutest clothes. Where do they come from? We never see anything that cute in the stores.