Friday, May 1, 2009

Lachlan's Girlfriend

The 3 girls got 3 of these monkeys from the 'easter bunny' (thanks granny Margi) this year and Lachlan got an elephant. But locke is in LOVE with these monkeys. He carries at least one around with him all day, sleeps with 2 all night and rides in the car with one in his arms. He is about the same size as the darn things, and will work & work to drag two up the stairs at once and cry and cry when he can't get them up. It is so funny when you see what kids get attached to, and I think it is so cute that he has fallen for these super soft long-limbed monkeys. They make a strange sound when you squish their tummy ( almost like a toot) and make a smoooooooch!ing sound when you squeeze their hand. Too funny and endearing.
What are your kids hooked on?


Jessica said...

It's bigger than him! Too cute. Ginger is still attached to her hideous blankie

emH said...

Mai's got a Rabbit my host family sent us from Germany. Rabbit would be more present if I hadn't of laid the law early of limiting its presence to the house as well as encourage her to put rabbit in bed to sleep while she plays and eats. If she's upset though, who needs mom? A good squeeze from "baddah" will cure any woe.

Niki said...

He was so cute carrying that thing around on Wednesday!